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University of Maryland, College Park Policies and Procedures Concerning Accident Leave for Faculty

Consolidated USM and UMD Policies and Procedures



  I.    Policy
        UMCP follows the Board of Regents Policy II-2.30 and State
        law concerning compensation for injuries sustained by
        faculty in performance of their duties.  Faculty should
        follow the procedures outlined below to ensure
        compensation. Any questions regarding these procedures
        should be directed to the Occupational Health Office at the
        University Health Center.
  II.   Definitions
        A.  State Accident Fund -a State run insurance agency which
            covers claims for work related illness and injury.
        B.  Worker's Compensation Commission- a State arbitration
            board whose function is to ensure that workers are
            treated fairly in the event of job related illness or
        C.  Accident Leave - leave with pay granted to employees
            who suffer job related illness or injury.
  III.  Procedures
         A.      All accidents or injuries sustained on the job
                 should be reported immediately to the individual's
         B.      The supervisor is responsible for completing the
                 "FIRST REPORT OF INJURY" form which must be
                 forwarded to the Occupational Health Office. This
                 is necessary to receive compensation.
         C. Medical attention may be sought through either the
            University Health Center or a private physician.
         D. The Occupational Health Office makes the initial
            determination of the status of the injury and will
            notify the individuals department within 10 days of
            receipt of the "FIRST REPORT OF INJURY" form. The
            Occupational Health Office is responsible for making
            the report to the State Accident Fund.  The State
            Accident Fund may contest the award of accident leave.
            The decision will be made within 30 days of receipt of
            the "FIRST REPORT OF INJURY."
        E.  A faculty member who disagrees with a decision by the
            State Accident Fund may file a claim with the Workers
            Compensation Commission.
        F.  Continued medical documentation of inability to work
            must be provided to the department by any faculty
            member on accident leave. An "Injury/Illness
            Certificate" must be completed by the attending
            physician unless treatment is through the Health
            Center.  The first Certificate must be given to the
            department within 3 days of the injury, with subsequent
            certificates due every 2 weeks thereafter unless this
            requirement is waived by the department for exceptional
        G.  Leave without pay shall be given for any periods for
            which a certificate is not provided. A faculty member
            has five days to provide the certificate, otherwise the
            leave without pay shall be permanent unless good cause
            can be shown for failure to comply.
        H.  If treatment is being provided by a non-University
            physician, the Occupational Health Office will need:
            the diagnosis, a summary of the doctor's or hospital's
            record of care, any operation reports, any X-ray or
            laboratory reports, the doctor's opinion concerning
            return to work. The attending physician should be
            provided with a "Permission for the Release of Medical
            Information" form in order to provide the necessary
            information. The reports should be sent to:
                           The Occupational Health Office
                           University Health Center
                           University of Maryland College Park
                           College Park, Maryland 20742
        I.  An injured faculty member may be asked to undergo an
            examination at the Occupational Health Office or by a
            consultant. If the faculty member refuses, accident
            leave may be terminated.
        J.  If, after all available accident leave has been used,
            the faculty member does not chose to receive temporary
            total benefits, other forms of leave with pay may be
            used. After all possible leave with pay has been used,
            the faculty member shall be placed on leave without
        K.  A request for extension of sick leave may be made in
            writing to the President. Extension of sick leave is at
            the sole discretion of the President.
         Note:  A Health Center Procedures Booklet may be obtained
               from the Occupational Health Office.