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University of Maryland, College Park Policies on Academic Eligibility of Student Athletes

Consolidated USM and UMD Policies and Procedures



  A.   General Information
       Adherence to all University, Atlantic Coast Conference and
       NCAA rules governing athletics and academic eligibility is
       mandatory for all Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
       staff and student athletes.  The Director of Athletics and
       the Faculty Athletic Representative, in conjunction with the
       Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Support and
       Compliance, the Coordinator of Certification Services and
       Head Coaches, are responsible for ensuring compliance with
       rules and regulations relating to student-athletic
       eligibility.  The Athletic Council is responsible for
       ensuring that University academic eligibility criteria are
       applied to all student athletes.
       As a means of educating student athletes on the major rules
       applicable to athletes' eligibility and satisfactory
       academic progress, the Academic Support Unit provides
       student athletes with a copy of "University of Maryland
       Eligibility Standards for Student Athletes" (attached).
       Student athletes are required to sign an acknowledgement of
       receipt and understanding of the contents therein.
  B.   NCAA Requirements for Continuing Eligibility of Student
       The University of Maryland follows the NCAA requirements
       listed below:
       1.   NCAA eligibility for regular season competition
            subsequent to the student's first year is based upon
            satisfactory completion prior to each fall term of
            twenty-four semester hours of acceptable degree credits
            or an average of twelve semester hours per term of
       2.   The calculation of credit hours shall be based upon
            hours accepted for degree credit at the institution.
       3.   Student athletes must declare a major program of study
            no later than the beginning of their fifth term of
       4.   Credit hours earned toward athletic eligibility for
            students in declared majors must be acceptable in their
            specific majors.
       5.   The twenty-four credit hours of acceptable credit
            required each year may include credits earned for a
            repeated course when the previous grade was an "F," but
            may not include the credits if the previous grade was
            "D" or better.
  C.   UMCP Academic Eligibility Requirements for Student
       UMCP requires student athletes to maintain a specified
       minimum grade point average to be eligible for practice and
       competition.  The following standards are currently in
            Freshman (second term)        1.29 cumulative GPA
            2nd year enrollment           1.78 cumulative GPA
            3rd year enrollment           1.86 cumulative GPA
            4th year enrollment           2.00 cumulative GPA
            5th year enrollment           2.00 cumulative GPA
       Student athletes who matriculate in the spring semester are
       required to meet the following grade point average
            End of 1st semester           1.29 cumulative GPA
            End of 2nd semester           1.78 cumulative GPA
            End of 3rd semester           1.86 cumulative GPA
            End of 4th semester           1.86 cumulative GPA
            End of 5th semester           1.94 cumulative GPA
            End of 6th semester           2.00 cumulative GPA
            End of 7th semester           2.00 cumulative GPA
            End of 8th semester           2.00 cumulative GPA
       Student athletes who meet the required grade point average
       and all other NCAA eligibility requirements will be eligible
       to compete and practice for the full academic year with the
       exceptions noted below:
            1.   Student athletes who fail to meet necessary grade
                 point average requirements for the fall semester
                 are ineligible for the entire academic year.
                 However, ineligible student athletes may restore
                 their eligibility at the end of any semester if
                 they raise their grade point average to the
                 minimum standard for the ensuing year.
            2.   Ineligible student athletes are not permitted to
                 practice or compete.
            3.   First semester freshman and transfer student
                 athletes will be required to meet established
                 grade point average requirements after their
                 initial semester at the University.  Transfer
                 students are required to attain the appropriate
                 grade point averages based upon year of
            4.   Mid-year matriculants are required to meet the
                 established GPA standard for each of their first
                 three semesters.  Thereafter, they will be
                 reviewed at the beginning of each Fall term.
            5.   Student athletes in their final year of
                 eligibility must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA in
                 order to be eligible for practice and competition
                 during the term.
            6.   Eligible student athletes who go on academic
                 warning after fall term are required to attend
                 regularly supervised study sessions and receive
                 academic support services by the Academic Support
                 Unit Staff.
            7.   Dismissed and later reinstated student athletes
                 are ineligible for both practice and competition
                 until they meet designated grade point averages.
  *    A complete explanation of all University, Atlantic Coast
       Conference and NCAA rules governing athletics and academic
       eligibility may be found in the Athletic Department Policy
       and Procedures Manual, section 502C.