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University of Maryland, College Park Policy on Inclusive Language

Consolidated USM and UMD Policies and Procedures



As an institution that stands for equality of educational andemployment opportunity, the University of Maryland at College Park reaffirms its commitment to creating a campus environment free of discrimination and bias, both subtle and overt. It therefore expects all personnel, when representing the University to its publics, to use language that shows respect for human diversity. Those preparing official University publications or written communications shall accordingly avoid biased language of two kinds:

1. using generic masculine words or titles to refer to all persons; and

2. using terms or expressions that reinforce inappropriate, outdated, or demeaning attitudes or assumptions about persons or groups based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

When illustrations are included in publications, they shall be chosen to reflect diversity. Care shall be taken to ensure that women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are portrayed in non-stereotypical ways.

The publications listed below shall be reviewed regularly for the use of inclusive language and a balanced range of illustrations. Appropriate supervisory personnel shall have the responsibility for overseeing this policy. Various reference manuals for the use of inclusive language are available in the offices of the deans and vice presidents. Concerns or questions about implementation of this policy should be addressed to the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Publications to Review Regularly:

Guidelines for Using Inclusive Language and Illustrations in University Publications
Faculty Handbook
UMCP Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
Guide to UMCP Policies and Procedures
Undergraduate Catalog
Graduate Catalog
New Student Handbook
Graduate Assistant Handbook
Career Development Center materials
Recruitment and admissions materials
Student financial aid materials
Brochures with campus-wide distribution
Institutional reports
News releases
Alumni and fund-raising materials