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University of Maryland Policy on Librarians

Consolidated USM and UMD Policies and Procedures



  A.   General
       This Policy implements the Board of Regents Policy on
       Librarians (October 6, 1995).  It defines the employment
       category for Librarians at the University of Maryland,
       establishes the structure and principles for appointment and
       promotion to the Librarian ranks, and delegates
       responsibility for the preparation of operating procedures
       consistent with this Policy.
  B.   Employment Category
       1.   Persons holding the rank of Librarian I, II, III, and
            IV shall serve as Associate Staff employees of the
            University.  These ranks and the potential they afford
            for "promotion-in-place" are unique within the
            Associate Staff service; nevertheless, except as may be
            otherwise specifically and affirmatively provided in
            this Policy, the rights, incidents, prerogatives,
            responsibilities, limitations, benefits, and procedures
            controlling employment as a Librarian shall be the same
            as those governing the Associate Staff employees
       2.   No person serving as an Associate Staff employee before
            the implementation of this Policy shall lose any
            existing employment right or benefit by virtue of being
            assigned a Librarian rank.
  C.   Librarian Positions Within the University Library System
       1.   A Plan of Organization of the University of Maryland
            Library System shall be prepared.  The plan shall:
            (a)  Identify all existing full-time and part-time
                 Regular and Non-Regular positions, whether
                 occupied or vacant, regardless of the Employment
                 Category (Faculty, Associate Staff, Classified
                 Staff, Academic Administrator, Contingent
                 Employee, etc.) potentially effected by the
                 Regents' Policy on Librarians.
            (b)       Indicate all lines of authority; and,
            (c)       Identify all positions which by their
                      character, function and presently established
                      minimum qualifications are those to which an
                      individual holding the rank of Librarian I,
                      II, III or IV may be appointed, and designate
                      for each such position the minimum Librarian
                      rank which shall be associated with it.  The
                      minimum rank assigned shall reflect the level
                      of education, experience, specialization,
                      skills and abilities reasonably necessary for
                      an individual to perform the responsibilities
                      of the position with the degree of
                      proficiency expected by the Dean of
            (d)       The Plan shall be prepared by the Dean of
                      Libraries and approved by the Provost
                      following review and comment by the Director
                      of Personnel Services.  At such time as
                      positions are created or reconfigured in the
                      Library System, the Dean shall inform the
                      Director of the minimum Librarian rank to be
                      assigned the new position.
       2.   Consistent with this Policy and the Personnel Policies
            and Rules for Associate Staff, the Dean of Libraries
            shall develop and institute a set of procedures whereby
            persons holding Librarian ranks shall be considered for
            promotion in rank and/or permanent status (See,
            Paragraph G.3. below).  The procedures shall include
            participation by a Promotion & Permanent Status Review
            Committee of library professionals within the Library
            System.  Following review for form and legal
            sufficiency, the procedures shall have the status of
            College regulations.
  D.   Titles and Ranks
       1.   All employees at the University have a Payroll Title,
            selected from among those approved for their category
            of employment.  Associate Staff employees may also be
            assigned a Functional Title (sometimes called a
            "Working Title" or "Descriptive Title") which describes
            the responsibilities they are performing.  Functional
            Titles in the Library System are assigned by and may be
            changed in the discretion of the Dean of Libraries.
       2.   In addition to being assigned a Payroll Title and a
            Functional Title, qualified employees in the Library
            System will also be assigned one of four ranks:
            Librarian I, II, III, or IV.  Present and future
            employees will be assigned an initial Librarian rank
            and may be promoted to a higher rank in accordance with
            Paragraph F., below.
       3.   The term "Director" shall be used in the Library System
            only as a Functional Title.  It shall not designate a
  E.   Librarian Ranks
       1.   There are four librarian ranks: Librarian I, Librarian
            II, Librarian III, and Librarian IV.  All full-time and
            part-time Associate Staff employees occupying positions
            identified under Paragraph C.(c), above, shall hold a
            librarian rank.
       2.   The minimum qualifications for the librarian ranks are:
            (a)  Librarian I:  This rank requires an individual
                 hold a Master's Degree (or equivalent) from a
                 program accredited by the American Library
                 Association.  The rank is normally assigned to
                 persons just entering librarianship.  Little or no
                 professional library experience is required other
                 than the individual has demonstrated an
                 understanding of the basic tenets of librarianship
                 and a potential for professional growth.  The
                 emphasis at this rank is on the continuing
                 acquisition of knowledge and skills, demonstration
                 of increased competence, and professional
                 development.  An individual holding the rank of
                 Librarian I shall not be eligible for
                 consideration for permanent status.
            (b)       Librarian II:  Persons holding this rank
                      shall have demonstrated effective
                      professional knowledge and skills
                      significantly above those expected of a
                      Librarian I.  Normally, a minimum of three
                      years of prior full-time professional
                      experience is required before being eligible
                      for appointment or promotion to this rank.
            (c)       Librarian III:  Persons holding this rank
                      shall have demonstrated mastery of the
                      skills, knowledge, and techniques of
                      librarianship, and have made meaningful
                      contributions to the Library System, the
                      University, the library profession, and/or an
                      academic profession.  Normally, a minimum of
                      six years of prior full-time professional
                      experience is required (including three years
                      at a level comparable to Librarian II at the
                      University of Maryland) before being eligible
                      for appointment or promotion to this rank.
            (d)       Librarian IV:  Persons holding this rank
                      shall have made distinctive contributions to
                      the Library System, the University, the
                      library profession, and/or an academic
                      discipline.  Normally, a minimum of nine
                      years of prior full-time professional
                      experience is required (including three years
                      at a level comparable to Librarian III at the
                      University of Maryland) before being eligible
                      for appointment or promotion to this rank.
                      Appointment or promotion to this rank
                      reflects exceptional accomplishment.
       3.   The President may establish additional qualifications
            for each rank as may be recommended by the Dean of
            Libraries and Provost.
  F.   Appointments and Promotions
       1.   Individuals will be assigned a Librarian rank at the
            time of appointment to a Librarian position in the
            Library System and thereafter are eligible for
            consideration for promotion to higher Librarian ranks.
       2.   Promotion to a higher Librarian rank may occur "in-place";
            it may occur without a change in position,
            payroll title or functional title.  Promotion shall be
            based on the quality of a librarian's achievements, and
            in no case shall be automatic or a consequence of
            length of service alone.
       3.   The criteria and procedures for evaluating an
            individual's accomplishments for the purpose of
            assigning a Librarian rank at the time of initial
            appointment or for promotion to a higher Librarian rank
            shall be established by the President upon the
            recommendation of the Dean of Libraries and Provost.
            The criteria shall include:
            (a)  Outstanding accomplishment in the performance of
                 the requirements of the individual's current
            (b)  Expertise and superior knowledge of librarianship
                 or other valuable relevant field;
            (c)  Professional development and demonstrated
                 potential for enhanced responsibilities;
            (d)  Service to the Library System, University and
                 professional organizations.
            The relative importance of these criteria may vary
            among the Librarian ranks and among the different units
            within University of Maryland Library System, but each
            shall be considered in every decision.
  G.   Permanent Status
       1.    Persons holding Librarian ranks are Associate Staff
            employees and are eligible to attain permanent status
            in accordance with the Board of Regents Personnel
            Policies and Rules for Associate Staff, Section II
            "Employment Standards," Paragraph G. (1989)
            (incorporated herein by reference) in the same manner
            and subject to the same conditions as other University
            Associate Staff employees.
       2.   Permanent status within the Associate Staff is that
            form of continuing employment attained after seven
            years of consecutive full-time service at the
            University and whereafter termination must be justified
            by cause.  Cause, as defined in the Personnel Policies
            and Rules for Associate Staff, includes, but is not
            limited to, immorality, misconduct in office,
            incompetency, failure to perform assigned duties,
            willful neglect of duty, or permanent or chronic
            disability that seriously jeopardizes or prevents
            performance of the employee's assigned duties.
            Permanent status does not nullify the right of the
            University to lay off an Associate Staff employee for
            lack of supporting funds, program change, change in
            departmental organization or stoppage or lack of work.
       3.   The Dean of Libraries will undertake a performance
            review and take appropriate personnel actions prior to
            the completion of a librarian's seventh year of full-time
            continuous service to ensure permanent status is
            attained only in those instances where an individual
            has offered outstanding service and evidences a
            potential for continued professional development.  The
            Dean of the Libraries in consultation with the Director
            of Personnel will establish criteria and procedures for
            this review.
       4.    Permanent status is not a factor of Librarian rank and
            is not attained except in conformity with the Personnel
            Policies and Rules for Associate Staff.  Assignment or
            promotion to the rank of Librarian II, III, or IV does
            not confer "permanent status."
  H.   Professional Leave
       1.   Librarians may be granted professional leave for the
            purposes of conducting scholarly work or doing applied
            research which will increase the librarian's
            contribution to the University or enhance the
            reputation of the University.  Professional leave is
            granted subject to the needs of the University,
            including consideration of the availability of funds
            and the efficient delivery of library services.
       2.   To be eligible for professional leave the Librarian
            (a)       Have attained permanent Associate Staff
                      status; and,
            (b)       Have served a minimum of six years of full-time
                      service as a librarian in the University
                      Library System at the time of an initial
                      professional leave or since any previously
                      granted professional leave.  Leave of absence
                      without pay shall not be counted as service
                      for the purpose of professional leave; and,
            (c)       Except in extraordinary circumstances, agree
                      as a condition of receiving professional
                      leave to return promptly to the University at
                      the termination of the leave and serve in his
                      or her previous position for at least one
       3.   Professional leave may be granted for either:
            (a)       Six calendar months at full compensation; or,
            (b)       One calendar year at one-half normal
       4.   All benefits and privileges of a librarian on
            professional leave shall continue in the same manner as
            if the librarian were not on such leave, including the
            accrual of annual leave, sick leave, opportunity for
            promotion in rank, and eligibility for merit raises.
       5.    During the period of professional leave, the librarian
            will be permitted, with the prior approval of the
            President or designee, to accept, in addition to the
            compensation received from the University, such grants,
            awards, contracts, fellowships, or other compensation
            or stipends as may be given to support the approved
            professional leave project.  A librarian who receives
            compensation without the approval of the President will
            be required to return all compensation from the
            University for support of the project.
       6.    Application for professional leave shall be made at
            least six months prior to the proposed commencement.
            Applications shall be addressed to the Dean of the
            Libraries and contain a description of:
            (a)       The project; and,
            (b)       The expected results of the project; and,
            (c)       The value of the project to the mission of
                      the Library System;
            (d)       The effect on the Library and a plan to
                      minimize disruption.
            The Dean shall review the application for professional
            leave and make a recommendation.  Applications are
            routed through the Provost to the President.  The
            President, or designee, may approve, postpone or reject
            the leave.  The Provost in consultation with the Dean
            may establish such additional procedures and criteria
            relating to the approval and funding of professional
            leave as they deem appropriate to implement this
       7.   Within three months of returning from professional
            leave, a librarian shall file a report describing the
            results of the project, and a detailed accounting of
            the activities undertaken during the leave.  The report
            is to be addressed to the Dean of Libraries, with a
            copy to the Provost.
  1.   The terms "University of Maryland," "University," and "UM"
       denote the institution formerly styled as the University of
       Maryland, College Park.
  2.   The Associate Staff Payroll Titles currently in use in the
       Library System are Associate Librarian I, Associate
       Librarian II, Librarian I, Librarian II, and Manager.  It is
       anticipated that with respect to positions in the University
       library system this nomenclature and structure will be
       revised to accommodate the Librarian ranks established in
       Paragraph E.
  3.   As soon as practicable, existing Payroll Titles will be
       reconfigured to correspond to Librarian Ranks.  Thereafter,
       this Policy will be edited to remove reference to the
       distinction except where confusion may arise.
  4.   Associate Staff occupying these positions at the time of the
       approval of the Plan of Organization will be assigned the
       rank of Librarian II by the Dean of the Libraries, and may
       thereafter be considered for promotion.
  5.   Some librarians may attain permanent Associate Staff status
       by serving part or all of the requisite seven years in
       non-librarian positions or at other institutions within the
       University of Maryland System.  Eligibility for professional
       leave is deemed an incident of continuous long-term service
       as a librarian to the University.  Accordingly, the
       University has established a six-year institution service
       and a six-year librarian service as components of