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Dear University of Maryland community:

In the early morning hours of Sunday, March 11, the University of Maryland police department responded to threatening messages posted on several websites. A UMD student threatened a "shooting rampage" on campus. Throughout the early morning, our detectives and officers worked with our Office of Information Technology (OIT) to identify the source of the threats. Within hours, the student was identified and taken into custody. The student, who had no weapons in his possession, has been placed in psychiatric care and has been temporarily suspended from the university. 

The threats made by the student were investigated immediately with high priority. Our detectives were actively tracking the student's whereabouts throughout the morning and a public alert might have disrupted those efforts before they were able to take him into custody. 

The police are confident that any threat to our community was mitigated once the student was taken into custody at approximately 10 am. For both of these reasons, no campus alert was issued. As always, we are committed to maintaining clear and open communication with our campus community, subject to the sensitive nature of ongoing investigations and the professional judgment of our police department. 

On behalf of the campus community, I thank our entire police department and the OIT staff for keeping the campus safe through their exemplary detective work to trace and apprehend the individual. The Division of Student Affairs is making professional counselors available to students and staff. Throughout this situation, the safety of our campus community is our paramount concern and I encourage everyone to utilize the services and support offered. 

I also thank the anonymous citizens who brought these threatening online messages to the attention of our police department. Their reporting to the appropriate authorities ensured a swift and thorough investigation that led to the safe resolution of this situation. The safety of our community is the collective responsibility of all our citizens, so I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to report    suspicious behavior immediately. Please, "if you see something, say    something." Together, we will continue to work to ensure the safety of our campus community. 


Wallace D. Loh