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Congratulations to two UMD professors

Dear University of Maryland community,

We are pleased to share with you the terrific news that the National Academy of Engineering elected to membership two UMD professors, Antonio Busalacchi (Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, CMNS) and James E. Hubbard, Jr. (Aerospace Engineering, A. J. Clark School of Engineering).

Professor Busalacchi is the founding director of the UMD Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center. He is world-renowned for his contributions to the understanding of tropical oceans in coupled climate systems via remotely sensed observations and for international leadership of climate prediction research—areas that are of critical importance to the future of our planet.

He served as chief of a major NASA/Goddard laboratory. His extensive public service includes chairing National Research Council boards; the Joint Scientific Committee of the World Climate Research Program; and the Committee on National Security Implications of Climate Change on U.S. Naval Forces. See:

Professor Hubbard is the Langley Distinguished Professor at UMD and the National Institute of Aeronautics, director of the Morpheus Laboratory, and director of the Center for Adaptive Aerospace Vehicle Technology.

He is a pioneer in the field of "adaptive structures"—these are "intelligent" and flexible systems that can change in response to changes in the environment and have applications in many areas.

His seminal research has led to over two dozen patents and the co-founding of three companies. He is a former NASA astronaut candidate; a consultant to the Air Force's and Navy's leadership; recipient of outstanding teaching and community service awards and of the national "Black Engineer of the Year President's Award." See:

On behalf of the University of Maryland community, we congratulate Professors Busalacchi and Hubbard. All of us are proud to stand in the reflected honor of their accomplishments.


Wallace D. Loh, President
Mary Ann Rankin, Senior Vice President and Provost