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Memorial Service

Those directly touched by this tragedy hurt the most; but all of us are shocked and deeply saddened.

The telephone call that woke me early this morning will keep me wakeful for many nights. This act will haunt us all in coming days.

Tonight is a moment for solidarity – the beginning of a critical period when we as a campus family must support each other. A supportive community promotes healing.

I urge you to seek help if you need it.
Share your grief.
Speak up if you see something troubling

We have meaningful resources to help: the Counseling Center, Mental Health Service and the Campus Chaplains. Not long ago, we intensified our resources, because all university campuses eventually face a nightmare.

And of course we can help each other with our individual kindnesses.

There are lessons to be learned, policy questions to be discussed, and changes to be made.
When our shock has dimmed, we will work together as a community to see that all appropriate steps are taken.
We will not forget.
We will act.
Tonight though, each of us seeks to ease our pain. How can we make sense of an act so utterly senseless – especially, when it comes from one of our own?

Our grief – so intense – feels intolerable and endless.
Experience tells me it will yield to time.
But tonight, we ache.
As a community, we will carry on. We will do the things we must.
Only then will our collective sadness lift.