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A thriving place to work

Dear University of Maryland faculty and staff,

The University must invest in its greatest asset, our talented workforce.

If we are to thrive in our campus workplace, we need to know what is expected of us; to have a chance to grow and develop our skills; to know that someone has our back; and to support the role that each of us plays in fulfilling the University's missions.

The goal of the University of Maryland—as set for us by the State when we were designated the flagship institution—is to be "equal to the best" among the nation's public research institutions. To achieve this goal, the University must also be one of the best places to work among our public peers.

Studies show that a strong culture of student engagement results in higher academic achievement. Similarly, studies show that strengthening a culture of employee involvement, inclusion, and collegiality results in a higher performing institution.

Hence the launch of the "Thriving Workplace Initiative." Whatever our role in the University, we can all benefit from it.

We are partnering with Gallup. It is a global firm renowned not only for public opinion polling, but also for its research and consulting on employee engagement and organizational performance.

The first step involves your confidential input. Please tell us what is working well and what can be improved. The Gallup survey will be easy to complete and the responses will never be linked to any individual.

Next, the University's Center for Leadership and Organizational Change will work with Gallup to (1) share the survey results with every academic and administrative unit on campus; (2) create an action plan that is based on best practices, research, and assessment; and (3) implement it through training, development, and personalized consultations—all to promote a thriving workplace.

In the next couple of weeks, you will receive more information by email about this project. Meanwhile, you can learn more about it at

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Wallace D. Loh