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Update on UMD & Greater College Park

Dear University of Maryland community,

Our campus and the surrounding municipalities are undergoing transformation. This area is now one of the most dynamic in the State for economic, real estate, and community development, catalyzed by the flagship institution’s education, research, and innovation.

With city, county, and state partners, UMD is helping to create a thriving and urban ecosystem that turns our intellectual assets into a force that attracts new start-ups and businesses, new innovation incubators, new residents, new housing and retail amenities, new dining, arts, and entertainment, and an innovative public charter school (College Park Academy)—all within walking distance of the coming Purple Line.

This is what we call “Greater College Park.”

Here is an updated, 5-minute video of new campus buildings and the new south gateway to the campus (a mini-urban town center, with a high-end grocery, restaurants, upscale apartments, and next-generation retail):

The Washington Business Journal today includes a supplement that offers a preview of development projects to come in our area:

These developments support—and are supported by—the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty, staff, and students, front-rank academic and research programs, and expanded partnerships with the public and private sectors.  

In this era of the millennial generation, this is one of the ways that UMD carries out its land-grant and flagship missions of contributing to the State’s prosperity, livability, and future.  


Wallace D. Loh