Survey Results

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Survey Results

Results from the Thriving Workplace Initiative survey are now available!

Data from the survey paint a picture of substantial employee engagement and inclusion coupled with tremendous opportunities for growth. We have areas with strong scores as well as areas needing attention. We will learn from our bright spots, support new behaviors, and work together to create a culture of engagement and inclusion at UMD.


Engagement and Inclusiveness Landscape

Below are charts summarizing engagment and inclusiveness on campus. Engagement is a measure of the intellectual and emotional connectedness of employees with their organization. Inclusiveness is a strategy for unleashing the talent and power that diversity brings to an organization.


Chart Key:

A - Percentile: UMD’s rank in Gallup 2016 Q12 Overall Organizational-level database

B - The Grand Mean: an average of the mean scores of the 12 engagement attributes

C - Overall Inclusiveness Index Mean Score: composed of an average of the mean scores from the 4 inclusiveness index questions (from 5-point strongly disagree to strongly agree scale)

D - Inclusiveness Index: composed of 4 questions that can help further explain variance in how fair and open an organization is to diversity 

E - Ratio: number of engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee 

F - Wheel: summary percent of engaged, not engaged, actively disengaged employees




The overall results PDF is an example of the reports that can be accessed through the Gallup Online portal. Supervisors will have access to the data of their workgroup, as well as the levels “above” that, where the data “roll up,” if the Gallup threshold for confidentiality – 5 participants – is reached. If it is not, the data will roll up in the organizational hierarchy until there are at least 5 results to be reported.

These are the data for the whole campus; reports for individual units and workgroups are available to supervisors beginning Friday, July 29. Contact your supervisor to see your unit’s results.

Taking Action

At the end of July, faculty and staff who supervise others will receive an email from Gallup with instructions for accessing Gallup Online. On this site, you can explore summary results for your area. In addition, where Gallup’s confidentiality threshold was achieved (a minimum of 5 respondents), workgroup-specific data is available. This dynamic tool allows for sorting and reporting of all 25 items on the Thriving Workplace Survey.

Consultants from UMD’s Center for Leadership & Organizational Change (CLOC) are already working with managers, supervisors, and leaders to help them understand and take action on their results through individual coaching and facilitated sessions. All TWI activities are funded through the President’s Office; there is no charge to units working with CLOC to understand their data and set plans for improvement.

Contact the Thriving Workplace Initiative at or 301-405-1336 now to get started.

Session descriptions (download printable PDF)

  • Leader coaching – Understand data and successfully cultivate a thriving workplace.
  • Understanding Your Data – Workgroups explore survey results and learn about the science and strategy of employee engagement.
  • Making Meaning of Your Data – Delve deeper into survey results and create individual and collective meaning for your unit.
  • Action Planning – Work as a team to align data to unit goals and select a focus for action.

Survey Background and Details

The Thriving Workplace survey was administered between April 18 and May 10, 2016 on paper and via the web. The paper surveys were available at in-person sessions in 8 languages for those with limited access to technology and/or a primary language other than English.

  • 6,072 employees participated in the survey
    • 5,576 on the web
    • 496 on paper
  • Overall response rate was 54%

The survey consisted of 25 items with a 5-point Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree), divided as follows:

  • 1 overall satisfaction
  • 12 Gallup Q12 engagement items
  • 4 Inclusiveness Index items
  • 8 organizational culture and change items