TWI FAQs 2019 – Did Anything Happen?

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Did anything happen as a result of the last survey?

The survey results are a starting point for dialogue, action planning, and follow-up. The real power of the survey is the opportunity it provides to identify and address issues within the organization. Every employee plays a role in analyzing what we can learn from the survey, determining what to improve, and making sure that plans turn into action. The results lead to change when individuals and units use them as a springboard for intentional actions toward a thriving workplace. Data from last year’s survey showed that units that reviewed results, planned for improvement, and executed those plans increased their engagement scores.

Action highlights:

TWI launched Fearless Conversations, a learning series offering practical tools and strategies for having effective conversations that support a thriving workplace. The President’s Cabinet and campus leaders engaged in an intensive training on the model. More than 200 individuals have begun implementing these tools in their work after attending one or more of the sessions.

The University of Maryland Thriver Map highlights individuals across campus who are creating engaged and inclusive workplaces. Their stories provide real-time advice on creating a thriving environment.

The PRD Task Force, sponsored by Michele Eastman, Assistant President, and Jewel Washington, Assistant Vice-President, University Human Resources, is analyzing data to prepare recommendations for a new PRD process. Research included practices of the Big 10 and University System of Maryland (USM) institutions; campus open forums and surveys; meetings with representatives from each college, school, and division; and a review of current trends in industry and the federal government. Thousands of comments and suggestions regarding the current program and how to move forward were collected from the campus. 

The Division of Administration and Finance partnered with TWI to develop and pilot ThriveU, a professional development program for supervisors to grow the skills and strategies needed to be a best-in-class supervisor. Next year, ThriveU will be expanded campus-wide.

How the Thriving Workplace Initiative (TWI) has supported the campus:

  • The TWI team briefed the President on the campus results. Every Vice President and Dean had individual briefings with members of the TWI team.
  • 205 individuals participated in Sharpen My Saw, TWI’s year-long development program about supervising and leading for a thriving workplace.
  • 400+ faculty and staff honed their people skills by attending a Thrive Thursday learning session – many attending more than one. 
  • 600+ people engaged in conversation about the 2017 survey responses and generated ideas for action at UMD’s Campus Conversations
  • 1400+ people have joined the THRIVING listserv and have received more than 300 individual tips, suggestions, and best practice ideas.