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2017 Thriving Workplace survey results are in!

Gallup’s Thriving Workplace Survey measures the strongest predictors of a successfully engaged campus. The results of the 2017 Thriving Workplace survey show that the University of Maryland made meaningful improvement in at least half of the metrics for engagement and inclusivity, advancing the hallmarks of a healthy, inclusive, and empowering workplace. According to Gallup, we are leading the charge in workforce engagement in higher education.

These changes were driven by the actions taken by members of our UMD community, with rewarding results: UMD faculty and staff reported higher overall levels of engagement and inclusivity in 2017 when compared to 2016 results.



The 2017 Thriving Workplace survey was conducted online and by paper (in 8 languages) in early October 2017. Over 7,300 employees participated. The survey items included 1 that rated overall satisfaction, 12 about engagement, 4 that gauged inclusiveness, 5 that asked about organizational culture and change, and 3 that asked specifically about participation in follow-up activities from the last survey.



UMD as a whole is more engaged in 2017.
Engagement levels increased from 32% in 2016 to 36% overall in 2017.

Of the 12 engagement markers, 6 exhibited meaningful change—.10 or larger at the organizational level. Engagement drives productivity; employees who feel engaged bring their A-game to work, are committed to successful organizational outcomes, and thrive both personally and professionally.

Faculty and staff feel more included.
UMD’s inclusiveness index rose from 3.38 (2016) to 3.51 (2017).

More employees felt that UMD offered an environment that promoted fairness, openness, and trust in 2017.

Engagement drivers of 'Inclusiveness Index' via regression analysis


Action equals change.
UMD faculty and staff who acted on 2016 survey results showed higher levels of engagement in 2017. Participation ranged from small actions—like simply accessing survey data—to more substantial efforts, such as participating in a planning session and making progress on action items. Just like with a muscle, the results illustrate that if you don’t use it, you lose it:  the more action a participant took, the greater the positive change. Doing nothing produces negative change: employees who did not seek out or act on 2016 results saw a further decline in 2017. Engagement is also contagious; survey results show that individuals who acted on engagement results also create meaningful change at the workgroup level.

A Great Place to Work is a Thriving Workplace: A Thriving Workplace is a GREAT Place to Work.
Employees who feel engaged and included thrive personally and professionally, and are committed to organizational success. According to survey results, four points stood out as key influencers for recommending UMD as a great place to work:

Engagement drivers of 'great place to work' via regression analysis.



Gallup Online Reports

UMD Overall (Faculty & Staff) Results
UMD Overall (Graduate Assistants) Results

These documents are an example of the reports that can be accessed through the Gallup Online portal. Supervisors have access to the results of their workgroup, as well as the levels “above” that, where the data “roll up,” if the Gallup threshold for confidentiality – 5 participants – is reached. If it is not, the data will roll up in the organizational hierarchy until there are at least 5 results to be reported.

These are the results for the whole campus; reports for individual units and workgroups are available to supervisors through Gallup Online. Contact your supervisor to see your unit’s results.

Survey Background and Details





Explore: Start by getting your survey results at Gallup Online. Ask your supervisor to share your group’s results.

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