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Race, Gender and Disability Intersections in Gendered Occupations

Dr. Jenny Dick-Mosher (she/her)

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The disadvantages faced by people with disabilities in the labor market have been well documented. However, there has been very little research on the impact of occupational segregation on the employment outcomes of people with disabilities. Previous research has demonstrated that disabled men and racial/ethnic minority men are more likely than non-disabled white men to work in female-dominated occupations, while at the same time not reaping the same privileges in those occupations as non-disabled white men do. In addition, while there have been qualitative studies on how men of minority status are sorted into female dominated occupations, no other research has tested this quantitatively, using a nationally representative data set. Using an intersectional approach, I ran logistic regression models in order to examine the likelihood of people working in female dominated occupations, male-dominated occupations or mixed gender occupations. I found that disability has an impact on how people are sorted into occupations; however, that impact varies by race as well as by gender. These findings point to an intersectional effect wherein disabled people experience gender differently depending on their race.


Jenny Dick-Mosher is currently a postdoctoral Research Associate with The Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living at Washington State University. While completing her Ph.D. in sociology from Virginia Tech she worked as a Disability Rights Advocate at the disAbility Law Center of Virginia. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her spouse, baby and 3 cats.

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Last update: Jun 08, 2021

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