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Belonging and Community at UMD

By Darryll J. Pines

Belonging and Community at UMD | Your voice maters. | A survey about living, learning, and working at the University of Maryland

Dear campus community,

We continue to move forward in pursuit of my two main priorities - to promote excellence in everything we do, and to create an inclusive, multicultural campus environment where every person can reach their full potential. I firmly believe that these principles are not just foundational to our university’s identity, but are also essential for the growth and unity of our campus community.

In our pursuit of excellence, it is imperative that we not only set goals but measure our progress along the way. That is why I'm pleased to announce that the University of Maryland will be launching a comprehensive assessment of our campus to measure belonging and community.

This survey will capture the experiences and perceptions of our students, faculty and staff to help inform the creation of an action plan designed to improve the sense of connection at UMD. Belonging is essential for individual and community well-being, for personal, academic and professional success, and for ensuring everyone in our community can thrive. Our roadmap for this mission will be the Fearlessly Forward: The University of Maryland Strategic Plan, which underscores our commitment to investing in our people and communities.

The survey will be open for participation in early April. Your voice matters, and we are excited to hear from you in this brief, anonymous assessment to help us shape a more inclusive future for our institution.

To align with higher education best practices and ensure confidentiality, we have enlisted the expertise of Rankin Climate, LLC, a firm renowned for its extensive experience in conducting over 250 campus climate assessment projects spanning the past two decades. Since the summer of 2023, Rankin Climate has worked with a team of students, staff and faculty from our university to develop and implement this survey. Rankin will lead data collection, analysis and reporting.

The results will guide us toward the development of programs and policies aimed at enhancing inclusivity in areas where challenges persist. Additionally, we will recognize and build upon successful strategies in areas that have already worked well. We look forward to sharing this information with our community in fall 2024.

For further details, including a timeline, FAQs and information on our working group members, competitions and giveaway prizes, please visit the Belonging and Community at UMD website.

I hope that you will join me in supporting this important project!


Darryll J. PinesPresident, University of MarylandHe/Him/His