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Fearlessly Forward

Letter from President Darryll J. Pines

By Darryll J. Pines

Dear University of Maryland community,

Over the past year, more than a thousand members of our campus community worked together to create an ambitious vision for the future of our university. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, neighbors and volunteers participated in forums, served on planning committees and submitted questions, ideas and suggestions. Terps have helped shape, inspire and declare where we are headed.

The resulting vision outlined in the new strategic plan represents our collective ideas for the future of the University of Maryland. We are excited to share this vision with you all today.

Fearlessly Forward: In Pursuit of Excellence and Impact for the Public Good, The University Of Maryland Strategic PlanFearlessly Forward: In Pursuit of Excellence and Impact for the Public Good, The University Of Maryland Strategic Plan presents a bold reimagining of what our university must be to uphold and expand our mission of service to humanity. Our vision is at once ambitious and fearless:

To improve the lives of every person on earth, we will reimagine teaching and learning; accelerate solutions to the grand challenges of our time through creativity and discovery; and forge a diverse and inclusive community where our differences are celebrated and equity is relentlessly pursued. Together, we will dedicate ourselves to advancing the public good because our individual well-being is enduringly bound to our collective well-being.

Our plan is rooted in the principles of values-driven excellence, diversity, equity and inclusion, impact, innovation, collaboration and service to humanity. It is a living document that lays the foundation for innovative new initiatives, balanced with careful attention to providing value to our local community, state, nation and the world. The plan will evolve as we do.

Over the next several months and years, we will launch new programs, initiatives, activities, and commitments. You will see how each one demonstrates our dedication to the goals and objectives laid out in this strategic plan. Through plan implementation over the next decade, the University of Maryland will engage our community in an ongoing process that includes assessment, progress reports and priority setting, so the plan grows with us. We invite you to visit the strategic plan website as we track our progress and introduce new programs.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who played a role in the development of this plan, particularly to the members of the Steering Committee, the Catalyst work group and Subcommittees who invested hundreds of hours into this effort. This inclusive process brought together voices from all areas of campus and the surrounding community, and it would not have been possible without the dedication of everyone involved.

Please join us in moving fearlessly forward to forge a better world for humankind.


Darryll J. Pines

Darryll J. Pines
President, University of Maryland, College Park

Jennifer King Rice
Senior Vice President and Provost