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Task Force on Antisemitism and Islamophobia

A Message from President Darryll J. Pines

By Darryll J. Pines

Dear campus community,

On November 27, I announced several measures to help prioritize a safe and inclusive community at the University of Maryland, including the establishment of a Joint Presidential and University Senate Task Force on Antisemitism and Islamophobia.

I am pleased to announce the membership of this important task force, comprising of students, faculty and staff who were nominated by campus colleagues. The task force will be chaired by two esteemed university scholars: Maxine Grossman, Associate Professor and Director of the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Program and Center for Jewish Studies, and Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development and a Distinguished Scholar-Teacher. The full list of members is below.

Their charge is both ambitious and critical. The recent events in the Middle East have unfortunately contributed to a rise in the number of hate incidents nationally against religious, national and shared ancestry groups. Recognizing the importance of fostering an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion and combating unlawful discrimination and harassment, the Joint President-University Senate Task Force on Antisemitism and Islamophobia will examine applicable university policies and practices to identify areas for improvement. It will recommend actionable strategies to address and mitigate future hate-bias incidents of antisemitism and Islamophobia.

With the ultimate goal of contributing toward a campus community that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive of diverse backgrounds, the task force's purpose is to (i) understand the causes of antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents, (ii) assess the effectiveness of existing preventive measures, and (iii) propose new initiatives to foster understanding, dialogue and support. All of this must be done within the context of, and consistent with, applicable law.

The work of the task force shall include consultation with members of the campus community, student leaders and campus religious leaders, including Rabbi Ari Israel from UMD Hillel, Rabbi Eli Backman from UMD Chabad, Imam Tarif Shraim from the Center for Muslim Life and Father Conrad Murphy from UMD Catholic Student Center. The task force shall also consult with experts in the areas of antisemitism, Islamophobia, Middle East politics and policy, campus safety, legal doctrine, and educational best practices. Additionally, the task force shall also review previous work, including the findings of the Joint President-Senate Inclusion and Respect Task Force.

The task force shall commence its work in January, providing periodic updates and a final report to the university administration by June 30, 2024, including its findings, recommendations and a proposed action plan.

Please join me in thanking the members of this task force in advance for their commitment to this vital work.


Signature of President Darryll Pines

Darryll J. Pines
President, University of Maryland, College Park

Joint Presidential-University Senate Task Force on Antisemitism and Islamophobia

The full membership of the task force consists of diverse representatives from the university community, including students, faculty, staff and administrators, who bring a range of perspectives, including those from different religious, cultural and other backgrounds, to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach to addressing antisemitism and Islamophobia on campus.

James Bond, Director, Office of Student ConductKemi Abdulrasaq Busari, Doctoral student, Merrill College of JournalismStephanie Chang, Assistant Vice President, Office of Diversity and InclusionEmily Devore, Undergraduate student, School of Public PolicyJen Gartner, Deputy General Counsel, Office of General CounselAdam Ghannoum, Undergraduate student, College of Information Studies and Robert H. Smith School of Business; President, Muslim Student AssociationHassan Ibrahim, Clinical Professor, Robert H. Smith School of BusinessReni Kaza, Undergraduate student, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural SciencesDoron Levy, Professor and Chair, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural SciencesSahar Mohammed Khamis, Associate Professor, College of Arts and HumanitiesArie Kruglanski, Distinguished University Professor, College of Behavioral and Social SciencesMajor Michael Leadbeter, Commander of Support Services Bureau, Department of Public SafetyYelena Luckert, Director of Research, Teaching and Learning, University LibrariesKeira Martone, Associate Director, Department of Resident LifeJames McShay, Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Division of Student AffairsAyala Nuriely KimelLecturer, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural SciencesKorey Rothman, Senior Lecturer and Director of Civicus, College of Behavioral and Social SciencesDaniel Satterthwaite, Doctoral student, College of Behavioral and Social SciencesStone Schwartz, Undergraduate student, A. James Clark School of Engineering; President, Jewish Student UnionYasmeen Faroqi Shah, Professor, College of Behavioral and Social SciencesImaan Shikoh, Undergraduate student, School of Public PolicySaul Sosnowski, Professor, College of Arts and HumanitiesPeter Wien, Professor, College of Arts and HumanitiesZeena Zakharia, Assistant Professor, College of Education