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Op/Ed: Problems We Will Solve (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

From admissions to assessment, academic integrity to scholarly research, university operations to disappearing jobs, 12 professors, administrators, and writers—including President Darryll Pines—answer the question: How will AI change higher education?

Letter to the Editor: We must turn the tide on antisemitism (The Washington Post)

President Darryll Pines and Rabbi Ari Israel speak on the rise of antisemitism and the role college campuses play in turning the tides.

Op/Ed: UMD, George Mason presidents launch research initiative to stem gun violence (The Baltimore Sun)

President Darryll Pines and George Mason University President Gregory Washington discuss the launch of the 120 Initiative.

Op/Ed: The instrument of hope: The public research university (The Washington Post)

President Darryll Pines discusses how public research universities are paramount to solving the grand challenges of our times.

Op/Ed: Quantum physics will revolutionize the DMV region (The Baltimore Sun)

Quantum has the potential to impact nearly every aspect of society from cybersecurity to chemical development to health care and finance. Given the decades of research expertise and talent pipeline in our area, quantum can be transformative and pay huge dividends for our economy.

Op/Ed: Seizing First Impressions (Inside Higher Ed)

President Pines made it a priority on his first day as the current president of our university to find a way for new Terps to know what being a Terrapin means from day one, no experience required. And through our work over the past year, we’ve determined that a critical part of this goal lies in first impressions.

Op/Ed: These are the reasons I reopened the state’s flagship campus (The Baltimore Sun)

Students are back at the University of Maryland this week for a hybrid semester stressing both coronavirus safety and a rich educational experience. We have taken comprehensive safety precautions and worked to provide as much in-person teaching and activities as possible on our de-densified campus.

Op/Ed: UMD students, make your voice heard by voting (The Diamondback)

...Universities lie at the dynamic center of our democracy. We are a community of diverse people, perspectives and ideas. College campuses are marketplaces of open discourse, an environment where we are confronted with experiences, biases and perspectives different from our own. How we listen to, learn from and question opposing viewpoints is perhaps the most important skill educators can impart.