Office of the President


A list of all of the members, department, address, email, and phone numbers of the President's Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues
Name Department Address Email Phone
Name Dr. Sharon Fries-Britt (Co-Chair) Department College of Education Address 3112-F Benjamin Building Email Phone 301-405-0186
Name Dean Kim Nickerson (Co-Chair) Department College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Address 2141-H Tydings Hall Email Phone 301-405-7559
Name Pamela M. Allen Department University Career Center Address 3100 Hornbake Library Email Phone 301-314-7244
Name Dr. Amde M. Amde Department Civil & Environmental Engineering Address 1176 Martin Hall Email Phone 301-405-1946
Name Phillipa Brown Department Libraries Address 7103 McKeldin Email Phone 301-405-9250
Name Dean Evelyn E. Cooper Department College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Address 0109 Symons Hall Email Phone 301-405-7044
Name Nacie K. Grigsby Department Family Science Address 1142LL; School of Public Health Email Phone 301-405-1377
Name Tricia D. Homer Department Robert H. Smith School of Business Address 2307 Van Munching Hall Email Phone 301-405-8454
Name Jenny Kilberg Department College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Address 0145B Tydings Hall Email Phone 301-405-2998
Name Julia Matute Department University Health Center Address 0101A Health Center Email Phone 301-314-8103
Name Sarah Wilson Department University Health Center Address 0101C Health Center Email Phone 301-314-1493
Name Dr. Ronald Zeigler Department Nyumburu Cultural Center Address 1120 Nyumburu Cultural Center Email Phone 301-314-7760