Office of the President

President's Distinguished Service Awards

Exempt and Non-exempt


The President's Distinguished Service Awards recognize exceptional performance, leadership, and service by a member of the University staff. The recipient of this award will have a record of exemplary performance and distinctive contributions to the operation of an administrative, academic, research, or service unit on campus. The individual will have clearly demonstrated initiative toward the improvement of University programs or campus activities and will have shown commitment to the campus community as a whole.


Any current full-time staff member, including academic administrators, who have been employed on campus for a total of ten years (in any of one or more capacities) for exempt and a total of 5 years for non-exempt, may be nominated for a President's Distinguished Service Award. (Individuals who hold a faculty appointment are NOT eligible for this award.) Up to five awards will be given annually for both exempt and non-exempt combined. No more than five awards will be given annually.

Nomination Materials

All nomination packets must be received by May 13, 2022 and can be submitted through one of the following methods:

  1. Online submission form
  2. By email to Ashley Bair
  3. Printed and mailed to:
    President's Awards Advisory Committee
    c/o Office of the President
    1115 Main Administration Building
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742

If printing and submitting your nomination by mail, the materials should include:

  • A coversheet listing the name of the nominee, the award for which the individual is being nominated, and the name of the nominator.
  • A nomination letter clearly indicating why this individual should be so honored and how the individual exemplifies the criteria for this award.
  • A resume, curriculum vitae, or brief biographical sketch of the nominee (President’s Medal and President’s Distinguished Service Awards-exempt).
  • At least two, but no more than three, seconding letters of nomination from outside the primary unit in which the individual is employed may accompany the nomination or may be sent under separate cover.

Past Winners

(In 1997 the Associate Staff and Classified Employee categories were abolished, and the awards were combined)

John T. Consoli
Douglas Downing
Ann Holmes
Maria Lonsbury
Rosemary Parker

Margaret Gibbs
Division of Student Affairs

Diane Krejsa
Office of General Counsel

Ana Pall-Kane
Division of Information Technology

Ross Stern
Office of Government Relations

Colleen Wright-Riva
Dining Services

Lorraine DiPrima
Department of Dining Services

Francis DuVinage
Office of Undergraduate Studies

Dolores Jackson
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Yusef Jones
Residential Facilities

Deborah Russell
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Luis Alfonzo
Facilities Management

Joan Burton
Office of Undergraduate Studies

Cheryl Hill
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

John Romano
Center for the Advanced Study of Language

Terry Zacker
Division of Student Affairs

Willie Brown
University Human Resources

Denise Clark
Division of Research

Mario Edwards
Dining Services

Joelle Presson
College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Audrey Stewart
Facilities Management

Gloria Aparicio Blackwell
Office of Community Engagement

Julia R. Heng
Department of Public Safety

Sharon A. La Voy
Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment

John D. Zacker
Division of Student Affairs

Laura E. Dyer
Department of Public Safety

Stephen K. Gnadt
Stamp Student Union

Andrea J. Goodwin
Office of Student Conduct

Sara R. Lopez
Dining Services

Jeanette M. Payne
Facilities Management

J. David Allen
Department of Transportation Services

Gabrielle A. Barnhart
Engineering Information Technology Office

Marcia V. Marinelli
University Counseling Center

Steven N. Petkas
Department of Resident Life

Alexis S. Thompson
Department of Transportation Services

Tesfaye Bogale
Department of Dining Services

Barbara A. Gill
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Sharon E. Kirkland-Gordon
University Counseling Center

Joseph F. Mullineaux
Department of Dining Services

Rodney Page Tapp
Department of Building and Landscape Services

Patricia C. Baker
Department of Fire Protection Engineering

James E. Diamond, III
Residential Facilities Building Systems

Robert Infantino
College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Luke Jensen
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equity Center

Arshad Mughal
Capital Budgeting, Facilities Planning

Alan R. Webbert
Stamp Student Union, Facilities

Anna C. Connors
Business Services Specialist, Motor Transportation Services

Deborah Francis Grandner
Director, Department of Resident Life

Fletcher G. Kinne
Office Supervisor I, Department of Mathematics

Julie K. Phelps
Associate Vice President, Office of the Comptroller

Valencia L. Skeeter
Assistant Director/Academic Advisor
Department of African American Studies

Ana Alonzo
Department of Residential Facilities

Sue Briggs

Jon M. Dooley
Residential Facilities

Thomas K. Mast
IT Telecommunications Specialist
Information Technology

Leigh Ryan
Writing Center

Greig Stewart
Executive Director
College Park Scholars

Vicky Foxworth
Center for Leadership and Organizational Change

Jay P. Gilchrist
Campus Recreation Services

Anthony H. (Tony) Chan
Electrical Technician III
Department of Psychology

Deborah P. Pruett
Program Management Specialist
Registrar's Office

Linda A. Dalo
Program Management Specialist
College of Chemical and Life Sciences

Colleen (Coke) M. Farmer
Assistant Chair and Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Kinesiology

Jeanne S. Martin
Administrative Assistant to the Chair and Graduate Secretary
Department of Geology

Linda H. Martin
Execuive Director
Web and New Media Strategies
Division of University Relations

Thai Q. Nguyen
Program Management Specialist
Photo Services Unit

Javaune Adams-Gaston
Executive Director, Career Center

Mary Giles
Executive Secretary and Director, University Senate

Lois Reid
Academic Program Specialist, Department of Biology

Brenda D. Testa
Director, Department of Facilities Planning

Joyce B. Brown
Department of Residential Facilities

Doris Climes
Housekeeping Department

Johnetta Davis
Graduate School Recruitment, Retention and Diversity

Traci L. M. Dula
University Honors Program

Thomas N. Ruggieri
Faculty Staff Assistance Program

Jean Bennett
Assistant Director, Dining Services

Michael Colson
Associate Director, College Park Scholars

Gene Ferrick
Assistant to the Dean, College of Life Sciences

Wanda Howard
Supervisor, Housekeeping Services

Ron Mendenhall
Multi-Trade Supervisor III, Area Maintenance

Dr. Jack T. Baker
Director of the Department of Operations and Maintenance

Facilities Management
Dr. Katherine Pedro Beardsley
Assistant Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Ms. Lorraine DeSalvo
Department of Physics

Ms. Suzanne Hickes
Executive Administrative Assistant II
Office of the Vice President for University Relations

Ms. Besy V. Martinez
Zone Supervisor (MT Multi-Trades Supervisor II)
Department of Building and Landscape Services

Ms. Shirley C. Browner
Academic Skills Counselor, Learning Assistant Service, Counseling Center

Mr. Steven T. Edwards
Director, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

Ms. Barbara B. Hope
Director, Data Administration/Data Architecture
Office of Information Technology

Ms. Marie Dory
Assistant Manager, Work Control Center
Office of Facilities Administration, Facilities Management

Ms. Collotta B. Moses
Team Leader - Housekeeping Services
Department of Building and Landscape Services

Stephen A. Adams
Assistant Director of Operations, Stamp Student Union

Ms. Monica Herrera
Accounting Associate, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Ms. Darlene King
Program Management Specialist I, Department of History

Mr. Michael D. McNair
Colonel, Department of Public Safety

Ms. Eleanor Weingaertner
Assistant to the Vice President, Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Mr. Jan R. Davidson
Associate Director, Department of Resident Life

Mr. Kenneth Krouse
Chief, University Police

Mr. William F. McLean
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Maureen Meyer
Assistant Dean for Finance and Personnel
A. James Clark School of Engineering

Mr. Robert T. Stumpff
Coordinator, General Services
Department of Building and Landscape Services

Ms. Laura Wildesen
Assistant Director, Facilities Maintenance

Ms. Judith Bair
Director, University Publications

Mr. Brian Darmody
Assistant Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Mr. Warren Kelley
Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Director of Planning and Research

Ms. Erica Kropp
Director, Office of Research Administration and Advancement

Ms. Nancy Marsanopoli
Executive Administrative Assistant III, Office of University Relations

Mr. Harry Teabout
Director, Building and Landscape Services

Mr. Larry Volz
Lieutenant, University Police

Dr. Sacared Bodison
Clinical Director, University Health Center

Mr. Kevin Brown
Assistant Director/Landscape Services, Department of Building and Landscape Services

Ms. Regina Crawmer
Coordinator of Organization Services, Union and Campus Programs

Ms. Patricia S. Higgins
Director, Dining Services

Dr. Sylvia S. Stewart
Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Dr. Drury G. Bagwell
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Ms. Sapienza Barone
Administrative Assistant
Office of the President

Mr. Shaun P. Fleming
Administrative Computer Center

Dr. Nancy E. Lindley
Department of Computer Science

Ms. Sheila F. Mahaffy
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Joan W. Patterson
Executive Director
Office of Alumni Programs

Dr. John E. Van Brunt
Counseling Center

Ms. Rosemary Wainscott
Robert H. Smith School of Business

Elizabeth L. Barksdale
Payroll Processing Supervisor Comptroller's Office

Susan L. Bayly
General Counse
Office of the President

Michele A. Eastman
Assistant Dean
College of Arts and Humanities

Jennifer Fajman
Academic Information Technology Services

Susan L. Frazier
Assistant Director for Education and Personnel
Institute for Systems Research

Cynthia Roberts Hale
Assistant Dean
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Gary D. Kennedy
Director of Administrative Affairs
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Associate Staff Award Recipients

(In 1997 the Associate Staff and Classified Employee categories were abolished, and the awards were combined to become the President's Distinguished Service Awards)

Dr. Margaret W. Bridwell
Director, University Health Center

Mr. James N. Newton
Director, Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering

Dr. James M. Osteen
Director, Campus Activities

Dr. Glenn Ricart
Director, Computer Science Center

Mr. Jonathan R. Rood
Director, Communication Services

Dr. Richard Berg
Director, Physics Lecture Demonstration Project

Dr. Gary Pavela
Director, Judicial Programs and Acting Director, Campus Activities

Dr. Shirley Sorensen
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Department of Mathematics

Mr. James Otis Williams
Director, Nyumburu Cultural Center

Dr. Susan R. Clabaugh
Director, Education Technology Center

Ms. Roselyn L. Hiebert
Director, Public Information

Dr. Barbara A. Jacoby
Director, Commuter Affairs

Mr. Eugene Sides
Chief of Police

Dr. Richard P. Stimpson
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Mr. Theodore R. Allen
Assistant Director, Physical Plant (Maintenance and Engineering)

Ms. Sharon L. Fries
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Dr. James D. Greenberg
Director, Laboratory Experiences, College of Education

Mr. Elwood H. Gross
Assistant Director, Physical Plant (Custodial and General Services)

Dr. William R. Scales
Assistant Director, Counseling Center

Mr. N. William Hartline
Assistant Director, Department of Procurement and Supply

Mr. Timothy Maugel
Director, Laboratory for Biological Ultrastructure

Dr. Linda M. Clement
Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Mr. Leonard B. Jankowski
Director, Department of Campus Parking

Mr. Ronald C. Jones
Director, Procurement and Supply

Dr. Jerry L. Lewis
Director, Intensive Educational Development Program

Mrs. Elizabeth D. Alley
Curator of Slides and Visual Resources, School of Architecture

Ms. Gladys Brown
Director, Human Relations Office

Mr. Matthew Sheriff
Director, Dining Services

Mr. William C. Spann
Director, Records and Registrations

Mr. William F. Armstrong
Assistant Director and Manager of Minority Business Enterprise Program,
Department of Procurement and Supply

Mr. James F. Brewer
Director, Department of Physical Plant

Mr. James E. Christensen
Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Dr. Marsha A. Guenzler
Associate Director, Stamp Student Union and Campus Programs

Dr. Gerry B. Strumpf
Director, Orientation

Ms. Sylvia (Jan) Andrews
Staff Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Eloy Areu
Director, Academic Data Systems

Ms. Roberta H. Coates
Associate Director of Campus Programs

Ms. Mary Ann Granger
Assistant Director, Office of Records and Registrations

Mr. Jud Samon
Coordinator, International Faculty and Student Services
Office of International Education Services

Ms. Barbara J. Goldberg and Ms. Beverly J. Greenfeig
Co-Coordinators of the Returning Students Program
Counseling Center

Ms. Erytheia A. "Rythee" Lambert
Assistant Director, Department of Personnel Services

Mr. Jeffrey K. Lemich
Assistant Director, Academic Data Systems

Dr. Elizabeth L. Shearn
Math Learning Specialist, Learning Assistance Service

Ms. Gloria Bouis
Program Director, Office of Human Relations

Dr. Patricia Mielke
Director, Resident Life

Ms. Barbara Riggs
Associate Director, Office of Records and Registrations

Classified Employee Award Recipients

(In 1997, the Associate Staff and Classified Employee categories were abolished, and the awards were combined to become the President's Distinguished Service Awards)

Ms. Susan J. Harris
Account Clerk III, Commuter Affairs

Ms. Patricia Moreland
Administrative Specialist II, Counseling Center

Ms. Dolores M. Mulligan
Office Secretary III, Undergraduate Studies

Ms. Sibylle G. Sampson
Director of Business and Finance, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Ms. Jacqueline A. Schwier
Supervisor, Personnel Officer II, Department of Personnel Services

Mrs. Hazel B. Moran
Office Clerk II, Records and Registrations

Ms. Linda M. Scovitch
Executive Administrative Aide to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Ms. Janet W. Cooper
Administrator of Graduate Programs, Department of Mathematics

Ms. Mary D. Gibson
Administrative Aide, Department of Resident Life

Ms. Paula R. Mandelman
Team Leader/Buyer, Department of Procurement and Supply

Ms. Charlotte Neal
Administrative Aide, Department of Radio-Television-Film

Captain Richard William Doran
Campus Police

Ms. Carol Prier
Executive Administrative Aide, College of Engineering

Ms. Marie T. Smith
Cook II, Department of Dining Services

Ms. Victoria L. Brewer
Administrative Aide I, Department of Education Policy, Planning and Administration

Ms. Angela Domanico
Desk Supervisor, Nonprint Media Services, Hornbake Library

Ms. Jodie Cohen Gray
Account Clerk IV, Department of Computer Science

Ms. Melvina M. (Millie) Lindenberger
Executive Administrative Aide I, College of Life Sciences

Ms. Betty J. Ohler
College of Agriculture

Mr. Charles F. Stubbs, Jr.
Assistant Supervisor, Department of Special Services

Ms. Kathryn Troth Karam
Program Analyst I, Department and Spanish and Portuguese
Languages and Literatures

Ms. Carroll Linkins
Office Secretary III, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy

Ms. Carol L. Warrington
Inservice Educator II, Computer Science Center

Ms. Randi Dutch
Manager, Rossborough Inn

Ms. Elfrieda "Elllie" Ramsay
Office Supervisor, Fellowship Office, Graduate School