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Archived Communications

  • UMD students, make your voice heard by voting

    ...Universities lie at the dynamic center of our democracy. We are a community of diverse people, perspectives and ideas. College campuses are marketplaces of open discourse, an environment where we are confronted with experiences, biases and perspectives different from our own. How we listen to, learn from and question opposing viewpoints is perhaps the most important skill educators can impart.

  • Remaining Vigilant Against COVID-19

    We are entering a crucial phase in our ongoing battle against the spread of COVID-19 on our campus. We will continue taking care of ourselves and one another by staying focused and continuing our collective efforts.

  • Amendment to Temporary Salary Reduction Plan

    Dear University of Maryland Faculty and Staff, Today, I write to you with an update to the previously announced budget mitigation plans aimed at lessening the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our university. Upon a review of the temporary salary reduction portion of the mitigation measures, we are implementing a revision to exclude any portion of salary supported by sponsored awards.

  • Our American Democracy: Voting Flexibility

    We kindly ask that faculty make it easier for students to perform their civic duty by being flexible with students regarding attendance, due dates and avoiding major assignments on November 3 2020.

  • Our American Democracy: Vote and Be Counted

    Recent events have amplified the importance of our fundamental democratic processes. Now, more than ever, we need full participation in our democracy. Please make a plan to vote.

  • BSU-UMD Honoring 1st Lt. Richard W. Collins III

    On Thursday, October 1, a State of Maryland law -- the 2nd Lieutenant Richard Collins III Law -- will go into effect, changing the way hate crimes are prosecuted. On the same day, our university will join with Bowie State University and the Collins family to launch a joint Social Justice Alliance.

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