Office of the President

Meetings: 2001 (10.29) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

Meeting Agenda for October 29, 2001

Hi All,
Just a reminder that we are meeting today at 3:00 in 0120 Nyumburo. The meeting is scheduled until 5:00, but if we finish earlier we’ll end earlier.

Our agenda for today’s meeting is:

1. Welcome and introductions
2. Assault of a student perceived to be a lesbian and the rally against hate
3. Goal setting for 2001-2002
4. Announcements
5. Other

As I mentioned in my last note we brainstormed a variety of potential goals for the commission to pursue this year. Since then a few of you have mentioned some additional ideas based on what has happened on campus with the assault of a student perceived to be a lesbian. The list of possible goals includes:

Safety for the LGBT Community
Hate Violence
Keep constant pressure on the Board of regents reminding them that wedon't have DP benefits and reminding them of the economic costs to thestate;
Ongoing education program for University staff;
Insecting minorities;
Local level benefits;
LGBT Scholarship Program;
Unpaid internships in Luke's office;
Continue working with other commissions,
Continuing education within the commission;
Learn more about transgender issues;
See if we can help Luke with space;
Health awareness

I look forward to seeing you all at 3:00. Again welcome to our new members.