Office of the President

Meetings: 2002 (4.11) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

Proposed Meeting Agenda for Monday 11th April 2002

I. Updates

  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Commission Chair Lunch with President Mote
  • Vicky’s Meeting with President Mote
  • Updating PCLGBT Webpage
  • Other

II. Recruiting & Hiring Guidelines Update and Review

III. Training Video – Luke Jensen

  • Which videos do we want to view?
  • Will viewing take place by all Commission members at once or in small groups?
  • Are there audio tapes available?
  • Do we want make a 15-20 minute audio tape on LGBT education that includes the guidelines we are preparing?

IV. Guidelines Discussion*

  • Classroom Climate
  • Workplace Climate
  • Curricular Issues

* If time does not permit a full discussion, we can have subgroups work on individual areas between now and next PCLGBT meeting in May.