Office of the President

Meetings: 2011 (2.14) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

PCLGBTI Meeting - Tentative Agenda
February 14, 2011

3121 Symons Halls

1. Agenda Review

Time: 5 minutes

Leader: Tanner

Outcome: Revised Agenda

2. Updates from Tanner and Brooke

Time: 5 minutes

Leaders: Tanner and Brooke

Outcome: Receive updates on activities since the last meeting

3. Update on the President’s Briefing

Time: 10 minutes

Leader: Tanner

Outcome: To inform the group of the conversation with the President and give an overview of the meeting

4. Update on Senate EDI Work and DP Benefits

Time: 10 minutes

Leader: Luke

5. Town Halls Update

Time: 20 minutes

Leader: Mark Brimhall-Vargas & committee members

Outcome: Give an overview of the town hall meetings presentation, remind members of their responsibilities for the event and discuss any logistics.

6. Matters Arising and Round Robin

Time: 10 minutes

Leader: Tanner Wray

Outcome: Address matters that come up during the meeting; share information from local units relevant to Commission.

PCLGBTI Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2011

3121 Symons Hall

In attendance: JV Sapiniso, Joan Bellsey, Nancy Yeroshefsky, Daniel Hayes, Coke Farmer, Laura Scott, Harsh Moesch, Marilee Lindemanm, Christine Wirth, Xenia Strunnikura, Tosh Patterson, Natalia Cuadra, JoJo Damiano, Jay Garvey, Mark Brimhall-Vargas, Robert Mueck, Tanner Wray, Hannah Wu, Nick Sakurai, Luke Jensen, Vinny Prell

I. Agenda review

II. President’s Briefing

a. Discussed town halls

• Loh will come to one of the town hall meetings

1. He will come to the student town hall

2. Sally Koblinsky will represent the office during the fac/staff town hall

• Loh believes that everyone should have been brought together, not separated by group. Should consider doing this differently in the future

• Luke asked that he make a statement regarding transgender issues

1. Notes were provided to Loh and his speech writer

b. Domestic partner benefits

c. Gender identity and expression

d. Engagement with Commission/Community

• Town halls

1. Opportunity for him to make statements to the whole LGBT community

• Lavender graduation

e. PCLGBTI could have been more strategic

• What is it that Loh expects of the Commission?

• What is his philosophy on the Commissions?

f. What do we want of Loh?

• Talk about this in the next meeting

• Tanner is going to try to get on Sally’s calendar

g. Can we share with him what the Commission has accomplished?

• Could be beneficial to look at accomplishments over the past ten years, specifically this past year

III. Town Hall Meeting Update

a. Logistics are settled

• Note takers have been contacted

• Front of the room is filmed

• Sign language interpreters will be in the front

• If you want a reserved seat in the front, talk to Mark

b. Presentation • Point is to provide context for the attendees to respond to

• Three areas of focus (discussed later in the minutes)

1. People are not limited to only these three

2. Time is divided in chunks to provide coherence, but participants are not limited to just these topics during their designated time

c. Agenda for the town hall meetings:

• 5-10 minutes welcome from Tanner and addressing the president’s charge for the Commission

1. Acknowledgements

a. Let Hannah know if any groups want to co-sponsor

• President’s welcome

1. Loh will give the address at the student town hall

2. Sally will give the address at the faculty/staff town hall

• 2010 campus climate survey - 10 minutes PowerPoint presentation

1. Took Sue Rankin’s 2001 survey and talked about harassment in the LGBTQ communities

2. Three major parts

a. Safety on campus

b. Multiple intersections of identity

c. Recruiting and retaining people from the LGBT communities

3. Good practices for the university

• Open forum

1. People will be given 2 minutes to make comments.

2. E-mailed and written communications will be accepted and directed to Tanner

a. A handout to provide written comments will be available at the town hall event

b. The website directs people towards e-mail communications

• Adjourn

d. Greeters

• Organizations can bring promotional materials at the table

e. Sign-up sheet

• If attendees want to receive emails of notes from town hall

f. Note takers

• Brooke is going to take notes that are projected

• Mark will be taking notes

• Commission members are representatives in the front, not expected to take notes

g. Each note taker will focus on one theme and area of discussion.

• Need group of 3-4 individuals

1. Dan

2. Mark

3. Hannah

4. JoJo

IV. Staff professional development collaboration

a. PCWI has interest in creating staff development program

b. LEAD was a program for female faculty to discuss various topics

• Goal was for women to advance on campus

c. Proposal is something similar where staff will develop leadership skills

• All four Commissions may sponsor this effort

• How does this intersect with LDI (which no longer exists)?

• How does this intersect with human resources?

1. Maurissa Stone, head of training and development for UHR

• Series of lunchtime seminars where experts talk about various topics

d. Much is already happening in regards to training for faculty/staff

e. Commission could advocate for UHR to have more resources for LDI or LEAD initiatives

• LDI needs to be revamped

f. Accessibility

• Satellite locations

• Could we offer it during May or June?

1. Concerns about non-exempt staff not being able to attend during lunch

a. Need to deal with release time for non-exempt staff

• Concerns about availability during regular semester

g. Might want to consider identity-based or intersectional perspectives

• Commission can co-sponsor with UHR

V. Senate EDI work and DP benefits

a. Luke met with senate committee to talk about system level domestic partner benefits

b. Board of Regents did not take proper action

c. Thoughtful questions

• If we can get married now, why are we doing this?

d. Likely that the committee will move forward with a proposal and consult with PCLGBTI as needed

VI. Next meeting

a. Discuss commission strategy regarding DP benefits and marriage, including 'grossing up'

b. Debrief on Town Halls

VII. Announcements

a. Tanner is getting the Advocate for Equity award from LGBT Equity

b. Vinny Prell was introduced (LGBTE GA)

c. Marilee announced that the LGBT Seminar series was beginning on Thursday. Also a colloquium would occur on Friday after.

d. Grad Queer working group is scheduled to meet for the first time today. LGBT Studies is sponsoring the group.