Office of the President

Meetings: 2005 (1.24) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

  1. Previous meeting summary
    1. Campus level benefits:
      • Proposal: Coke has a meeting with Rob this week to finalize the proposal. There is still some time to make changes so if you have anything to add please let her know.
      • Montana Supreme court case: One difference is that Montana acknowledges common law marriage and Maryland does not. It was suggested that the commission contact ACLU and meet with someone from their director to talk about haw we can approach some of the issues we are facing at UMD.
    2. Transgender Issues:
      Language in Publications
      • The proposal for language on transgender protection was not passed by the Regents due to their feelings that the transgender community is already protected under current policy.
      • Luke suggested that the commission should work to identify key areas on campus and work with these units so that some type of language can be added into their publications about protection for the transgender community. (i.e. Resident life, Admissions, CRC, Restroom facilities)
      • Other members felt that we should behave as if they said yes. This was the consensus of the majority of the commission
      • Resident Life has a current practice in place to help accommodate to the needs of the transgender community. Space is set aside each year with hopes that they will have a heads up for the individual. (I am not sure of his name) will bring up our discussion to the resident life staff and work to get something in language for their publications.

      Classroom Education

      • Are transgender issues being discussed in the classroom? How can we as a commission see that this happens more often?
      • LGBT studies already does this, but not sure how many other departments discuss transgender issues. There was a suggestion to put together some resources and identify some specific topics that professors could use in their classes. In addition it would be good to have a public education campaign.
      • A policy audit was also suggested, in order to see in what areas the University needs to address more specifically LGBT issues.
  2. Commission Members: a veritable treasure trove of talent

    Thank you for sending your emails. This information will be used to get more people on the commission involved in areas that interest them, as well as areas in which they excel.

  3. Announcements
    1. LGBT Studies (Marilee):
      • Marilee was offered and accepted the position of director of LGBT studies. It is a 3 ½ year appointment. She is hoping to gain more money in order to hire adjuncts as well as offer more courses.
      • LGBT Studies lecture series: International theme. Speakers include Helen Zia, Irshad Mangi, and others. Marilee will get this information out to you.
    2. LGBT (Luke): We have furniture come visit.
    3. Equality Maryland: Will be taking place on February 14th in Annapolis. The Commission is going to try and get involved.
    4. March: March is the month of LGBT health awareness.
  4. Communication: LGBT mailing list, Equity Maryland mailing list, LGBT students mailing list, other UM commissions, equity council, allies’ mailing list (?), LGBT lunch group, others (?). This is in hopes to increase communication with other groups on campus so that we can all be aware of what is going on. Chris and Paul have been appointed to work on this.
  5. LGBT Survey: Status
    All the data has been collected, and there is tons of it. Vicky asked if the commission would be willing to help analyze the date. Everyone on the commission was up to t helping out. She is going to put together a couple of days we could choose from in order to help out.
  6. Domestic Partners (1 of our 3 main goals for 2004-2005)
    Suggest work groups willing to occasionally meet (Coke can meet with most)
    1. Copies of University DP agreements 25+ (Angel and Roger)
    2. Clear outline of procedural steps involved for UMS (Rob)
    3. Strategies, political allies, and barriers (Vicky, Sally, Susan, Paul, and Kevin Franck)
    4. Coordination among campus LGBT interests (Luke, others)
    5. Media/education campaign (Monette, Marilee, Ruth, Angel, Kate
      • The first person on the list should contact everyone for the first meeting. After that, the subcommittees can decide who will take the job as leader.
      • Another area we may want to look into is Advice to Commission coming from University legal staff.
  7. Next Meeting: Monday, February 21, 3: 00-4:30, 2101 Lee