Office of the President

Meetings: 2005 (2.21) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

  1. Reviewed the memorandum on the proposed changes to the Human Relations Code.

    The following discussion points were mentioned

    1. The activity report was only intended for in house notes, and there are some inaccuracies on this printed report. It should not have been distributed
    2. There was a discussion involving the Human Relations Code, including application, implementation and meaning. Additionally, some members felt unsure as to what extent the Code is enforced and/or whether the legal implications are clear
    3. It seems as if the definition between sex and gender is being blurred. They are not the same thing and the commission may need to provide this definition for those that need it.
    4. Diversity codes should be posted like honor codes in every classroom
  2. Issues to address after reviewing the Human Relations Code
    1. Restrooms/locker rooms
    2. Resident life
    3. gynecological exam for transgender people. Shouldn’t be limited to women’s clinic.
    4. Records and documentation (process to change name and sex)
    5. Forms (sex option)
    6. Offices need to be compelled to make sure they provide adequate services for transgender people in regards to the above listed issues. What can the commission do?
      • Provide a brochure, handbook, resource guide with these issues
      • Some type of training for departments regarding these issues
      • Have a memo on the agenda for the council of deans
      • Find a way to get documents out

The March Commission meeting is canceled due to Spring Break. Instead, everyone is encouraged to meet with their subcommittees during the month of March.