Office of the President

Meetings: 2004 (11.15) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

Time: 3-4:30

Members present:

Angel Wagner, Luke Jensen, Kate Kuvalanka, Roger Candelara, Ruth Waalkes, Sally Koblinsky, Paul Dillon, Mark Brimhall, Marilee Lindermann, Monetter Bailey, Nancy Yeroshefsky, Joan Bellsey, Kevin fries, Jan Davidson, Kevin Franck, Rob Waters, Ronald Zeigler, Coke Farmer


  • Office of LGBT Equity (Luke Jensen): Passed out a handout listing the services that the office offers as well as the purpose of the office. A handout was also given describing the Rainbow Terrapin Network and how to receive training. In addition, there was a discussion on how different departments on campus help the office reach it’s values through the courses they offer.
  • Brown bag discussion: Thursday, November 18 at noon in 0119 Cole. The discussion topic will be addressing issues of the transgender community.
  • Same Sex Marriage: Discussed the importance of taking the abstract concept of same sex marriage and making it more real. In addition, the fact that different states have different laws concerning same-sex marriage was discussed, specifically, how this affects the LGBT community, especially when LGBT members are traveling to other states.
  • LGBT Studies: Still looking for discussion presenters for the Spring Lecture Series. The series will focus on LGBT studies and global implications.
  • Real Terps support LGBT students: One football game left and will be held on Thanksgiving weekend. So far Real Terps has been going very well.
  • Provost Conversation: Monday, December 22nd, 12-1:30. Speaker: Dean Spade, Topic: Trans-Formations
  • Collage: 2005 is the 15th year anniversary and they are looking to bring an art exhibit to campus titled “That’s So Gay” put together by children. There is also a possibility of making this a fundraiser.
  • World’s Aids Day (December 1): there will be an event at 8 p.m. The event is free and open to the public and will include the lesbian and gay chorus and art and advocacy.
  • Hate Biases: numbers have been down. All incidents have been non-violent.
  • University 100 Diversity Training: Students have been frequently talking about the topic of same sex marriages. Students seem to be more aware of these issues then past generations. The Future does look brighter.
  • Outlook: Please continue to forward your event information, even if you think it may have already been turned in. The deadline is a week before the event.
  • Campus Level benefits: The issue is on the table at the Senate Staff Affairs
  • Aids Response Fund: The fund is for students only, and any student who has a family member living with aids can apply. There is a total of $13,000 dollars to give away that is left over from fundraisers in the early 90’s. Students can get up to $500. Students will be made aware of the fund through the Diamondback, Outlook, and brochures.
  • Departmental benefits for married couples: Some students in a department on campus are pushing for a structured policy that will help students who are married and who have children. There was a discussion on how this will affect students who are not married, and if in fact this is something that students can do. There was also a discussion on how to assert a clear voice in these conversations with the students who are pushing for these benefits.
  • Recruiting people for this commission: We are looking to recruit more people to sit on this commission. Especially people who have a strong voice and power within the University.
  • LGBT Fitness: In January, we will be working with the CRC to raise awareness on LGBT fitness. There will be four, one hour, sessions that will focus on this topic.
  • Next meeting: December 13th, 1:30-3:00
  • LGBT survey, data analysis, and action plan
  • Campus lever benefits: a discussion occurred focusing on domestic partner definition, specific campus level benefits and implementation procedures. The discussion will continue via smaller groups and email. A draft of the proposal will be submitted for Commission feedback and it is hoped that a final draft will be submitted to Dr. Mote in December, 2004.