Office of the President

Meetings: 2002 (3.18) | The President’s Commission for LGBT Issues

Meeting Minutes: Monday 18th March 2002
2105 Main Administration

Paul Dillon, Vicky Foxworth, Sandra Greer, Luke Jensen, Robert Waters, Jeff VanCollins, Nancy Yeroshefsky

Update / Actions since last LGBT Commission meeting:

  • Equity Council agreed to include LGBT information / non-discrimination statement on EEO cards
  • Sexual orientation organizations / media outlets will be included in next Equity Officer’s manual
    • Luke will get information regarding sexual orientation organizations to Roberta Coates
    • In “Myth” section of equity guidelines, a statement will be added stating “Don’t assume all candidates are heterosexual.”
  • All Equity Council members will put up safe space stickers – Luke will provide safe space stickers at next Equity Council meeting

Discussion:Domestic Partner Benefits

  • PCLGBT is focused on campus and system level benefits: tuition remission benefits, library usage and family leave
    • Health benefits are controlled by the State of Maryland
    • Where do finances from tuition remission come from?
  • Vicky met with the University System Liaison, Francis Canavan, regarding Domestic Partner Benefits
    • Canavan is getting the cost estimate for the Regents Task Force
    • Canavan is also encouraging the Regents Task Force to hold off voting on domestic partner benefits until after close of the legislative session (May or June)
    • The discussion of benefits for domestic partners should not be conflated with (or included with) the discussion of benefits for adjunct faculty members
    • It was suggested that campus groups inform their Presidents’ that they actively support domestic partner benefits
    • Vicky will stay in touch with Canavan and update the Commission
  • Former UMCP President Kirwan has accomplished getting local domestic partnership benefits for Ohio State University but Ohio legislature nixed State benefits
    • Vicky will meet with President Mote to give him an update on where PCLGBT stands in regard to domestic partner benefits and specifically discuss the process that is currently taking place with the Board of Regents and the Council for System President’s Meeting.

Commission Chair Meeting:

  • Chairs of Commissions met and decided to cancel Community Day for Spring 2002
    • the consensus of the chairs is that the benefit of Community Day did not outweigh the effort of organizing the event
  • Chairs also decided against holding a Spring semester Town Meeting
    • Chairs will meet with President Mote to discuss issues of common concern to all Commissions in April
    • Chairs will reconsider holding Town Meeting in Fall semester with input from Commission members
  • Vicky asked the Chairs of the other Commissions to send letters of support for domestic partner benefits and will meet with the President’s Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues to answer any questions regarding domestic partner benefits and encourage the Commission to write a letter of support

PCLGBT Recruiting and Hiring Guidelines:

  • Jeff put together a draft of a “to do” list of items that Commission members need to consider before a final list can be drafted.
    • Various meetings must take place to figure what has been done (is being done) before suggestions and recommendations for change can be made, i.e., undergraduate orientation office (Dr. Gerry Strumpf), graduate admissions office (Dr. Johnetta Davis), undergraduate admissions office, etc.
    • Shanti will arrange a meeting between Dr. Johnetta Davis, Vicky and Jeff to address orientation for graduate students and LGBT information being provided
    • Shanti will arrange a meeting with CAWG and OIRP representatives about gathering numbers of LGBT population on campus. Vicky, Rob, Luke & Jeff will attend this meeting; Luke shared some of the complexity of the issue faced by other campuses
  • The suggestion was made that short audio tapes be prepared addressing LGBT awareness issues
    • Jeff will check out Brian McNaught’s webpage for possible resources (
    • Jeff will contact Dr. Jamie Washington (UMBC VP for Student Affairs) to see if he is aware of any audiotapes
    • Vicky suggested that the PCLGBT consider producing our own audio tape so administrators could listen to LGBT education awareness in their cars on their way to work
  • Consider using photos from Lavendar Graduation in admissions marketing packets – we must make sure we are not Outing participants of the graduation ceremony and that we are cleared to use their photograph in marketing materials.
    • Luke will review photos from previous ceremonies and see what is available
    • Commission will decide whether to encourage University Publications to use photographs in marketing materials

Next Meeting: Monday, 8th April 2002 from 3p – 5p in Nyumburu Cultural Center